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Let Us Lighten Your SCBA Maintenance Load!

Industrial Fire Products Corp. Provides Factory Certified 3M Scott Safety SCBA Service

Did you know that NFPA requires annual flow testing on SCBA?

To assist you with the maintenance of your Scott Safety self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), Industrial Fire Products provides a comprehensive offering of SCBA services.

We’re here to help you keep your most important piece of safety equipment operating correctly.

  • We are the only authorized dealer for PR.
  • We calibrate instruments
  • We offer replacements parts and calibration gases.
  • We are the only authorized dealer for PR.
  • We offer anual service maintanance for hidraulic tools.
  • Replacements parts and mineral oil vailable.

In our facilities we offer the complete support, maintenance and warranties to all vehicles sold by IFPC.