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Apparatus Valves


The answer to all your apparatus valve needs — the Unibody Apparatus Valve, now in your choice of ball or butterfly valve styles.

The Unibody ball valve is designed to the industry standard dimensions. In addition, the Unibody ball valve incorporates single body design for all actuators to simplify both configuration and installation.

While all butterfly valves utilizes gear or electric motors, electric motors in the Unibody line are robust, heavy-duty motors, ideal for higher torque applications. Unibody butterfly valves also feature industry standard flange and dimensions for cross-compatibility.


All three of Elkhart’s controllers feature a 10 LED ultra-bright display which indicates closed to fully opened status in 10% increments. The 10 LED ultra-bright display is visible in sunlight and automatically dims at night. A pre-set button is programmable for any position. The Unibody Electric Controller is suitable for operation with any supply voltage between 12 and 24V DC and requires no more than 10 amps. There are no additional modules to wire or mount. The aluminum housing is sealed to NEMA 4 rating. Unibody Controllers may be operated via external switches or networked for primary secondary operation with remote display.


1.0” and 1.5” single body apparatus valves with an integral actuator of your choice – direct or remote. Designed specially for reliability, ease of installation and ease of use.

The single body ball valve is designed to the industry standard dimensions. Features the option to select one of eight handle positions with removal of a single bolt. It’s that simple.


Elkhart Brass offers a special cast iron, butterfly valve with Elk-O-Lite® end caps for use as a suction intake in apparatus applications. The valve features an aluminum/bronze disc, reinforced EPDM seat (bi-directional) and a two-piece stainless steel stem. It is also rated to 200 psi, finished in red urethane enamel with polished chrome hand-wheel and hard anodized end caps. The gear operated version complies with NFPA 1901.


Available in sizes ranging from 1½” to LDH for portable use (in either aluminum or brass) or permanent mount utilizing an NPT inlet.


Elkhart Brass apparatus valves are designed for use as inline, suction or discharge valves and feature the ability to be field serviced utilizing drop-out or swing-out. All valves offer full flow waterways; adjustable, hydraulically balanced acetal balls; a selection of handle types and positions (for manual valves); and a variety of end cap options customized to your needs. In addition to manual and gear actuated valves, Elkhart offers a variety of electronically actuated valves. Every Elkhart valve is tested to meet NFPA 1901 standards.

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