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Giving firefighters the right weapon means making safety a top priority. We’ve incorporated the latest technology to automate safety systems and simplify operations. You can rely on your Rosenbauer Viper aerial to make sure everyone goes home.

As aerials are a major investment, Rosenbauer designs for dependability, longevity and serviceability. From the standard hot-dip galvanized torque tube and outriggers which prevent corrosion in hidden areas, and optimal galvanized ladders sections for the ultimate in corrosion protection, to the three-piece swivel for ease of service, Rosenbauer viper aerials are engineered to stay in service for many years to come.


Rosenbauer’s Cobra platforms are built for decades. For maximum reach and capacity, make it a Rosenbauer Cobra platform. For a lower profile and better overhead clearance, choose the Rosenbauer Cobra mid-mount platform. Both Rosenbauer Cobra platforms are ideal for rescues where there’s not a lot of room to maneuver. They get to hard-to-reach places with each and to put performance at your fingertips.

Feature rich, the Cobra platform includes the Rosenbauer SMART aerials programming as a standard. Rosenbauer’s SMART aerials, provide unmatched features that enhance the safety and performance of the Rosenbauer Cobra. The SMART aerial uses CAN-bus and programmable logic control with encoder technology that monitors the aerials functions 16 times per second. That’s unbeatable technology and safety when lives are on the line.


Built entirely at Rosenbauer, the Roadrunner is a true multi-purpose apparatus offering the firepower of a full pumper combined with the reach of an aerial. The Roadrunner features a high-powered, wide sweeping nozzle capable of dousing fires from any angle and is available on a custom or commercial chassis with a variety of tank sizes. With foam system and chemical extinguishing options, the Roadrunner is also a powerful industrial firefighting device. So now you can show fires who’s really in charge.


Tillers are iconic to the North American fire service, however they mean business. Rosenbauer’s tiller program offers multiple body construction choices, tillerman cab styles and corrosion resistance coatings for the aerial device.


Rescue conditions are not always ideal. When you need an aerial ladder to do more than just flow water, look no further than the Rosenbauer 102’ Raptor. With a single rear axle and a short wheelbase, the Raptor is the quickest and most maneuverable aerial ladder on the market. The Raptor’s on-board CAN-Bus electronic system allows firefighters to set the stabilizers, raise the aerial 102 feet and rotate 90 degrees in less than 60 seconds. The additional capabilities of the Rosenbauer Raptor to operate on uneven terrain and below grade offer rescuers more versatility and operational safety than any other aerial device.


Equipped with a combination telescopic and articulating boom, the Rosenbauer T-Rex is the fastest and most powerful articulating platform in the industry. Its on-board CAN-bus electronic system provides the speed to allow firefighters to set the stabilizers, raise the aerial 115’ in the air and rotate 90° in less than 95 seconds! It’s fully NFPA compliant as either an aerial platform or a quint with a midship pump, 300-gallon water tank, hose storage bed and 115’ of ground ladders.Solid construction, multiple compartments and a reliable chassis back up this versatility, so your department is always ready to serve.

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